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Having grown up within the yogic tradition, Namita has been studying yoga since childhood, spending time during her formative years in Meditation Ashrams in Maharashtra, India and Upstate New York, USA.  Over the years, she has used her yoga practice as a tool to deal with the stresses of university, law school and a busy career in the legal profession in the City of London.   


A 500 hour qualified Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals (formerly Yoga Alliance UK), Namita specialises in teaching intelligently sequenced Vinyasa Flow classes, with a passion for making yoga accessible to everyone, drawing influence from a number of yogic traditions and schools. 


Namita seeks to provide her students a safe environment in which they are invited to deepen their practice and mind-body connection in playful yet focused classes.  With an understanding of the stresses that her students face in their fast paced daily lives, she encourages her students to let go of unconscious reactions to situations moving towards conscious observation and action.  The ultimate aim is that these positive thought patterns and mindfulness during one’s yoga practice may filter into other aspects of our lives. 


Namita truly believes that yoga is for EVERYONE, and ANYONE can benefit from the practice.  She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!


Yoga with Namita

  • 500 hour qualified yoga teacher

  • Specialising in teaching meditative vinyasa flow and restorative yoga 

  • Available for Private and Corporate Classes in London and South Bucks



Thursday: 6:00pm - 7:00pm 

This class will be running online only until further notice, through Zoom.

Click HERE to register. 

These classes encompass well-balanced, playful and meditative vinyasa flow practices where we link movement with breath to encourage regulation of mind and body.


Please note that these mixed level classes are not suitable for complete beginners.  Login will be open 10 minutes ahead of class. Please be in the online yoga room at least 5 minutes ahead of class.  Class will start on time.  


Whilst yoga is generally suited to all, it is up to you as an individual to assess whether you are able to practice in the class you have chosen. Please note that by joining a class, you acknowledge that it your responsibility to decide whether each pose and practice is suitable for you.  


Classes are donation based, suggested donation is £6 per session. 


Payment can be made by PayPal; account details are: or you can click on the donate button below.

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